Animal Planet


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Prepare your little national geographer for an enchanted experience - travelling through landscapes of the farm, the arctic, the jungle and the savanna.

Engage them to recognize and learn about the different animals living in these distinctive habitats and how they adapt for survival. Talk to your child about the importance of preserving these natural habitat so that these amazing creatures can continue to roam freely.

This bundle includes:

  • x 4 Chinese lift-the-flap books(故事翻翻书)- Farm, Arctic, Jungle, Rainforest(农场、极地、森林、雨林)(from Check it out HERE!)
  • x 4 Animal themed puzzles - Farm, Arctic, Jungle, Savanna (buy this individually HERE!)

The picture books are filled with flaps for the little ones to lift and discover hidden surprises under the pages.

The puzzle comes in 4 progressive sets - 12 pcs (Farm theme), 16 pcs (Arctic theme), 24 pcs (Jungle theme) and 35 pcs (Savanna theme). Good to build little one's confidence and progress to harder puzzles when they are ready.

This bundle helps your child develop their:

  • Concentration
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Vocabulary bank
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Recommended Age

Highly suitable for 2yrs and above


Important Note: Parental/Caregiver supervision is advised at all times.