Start (23 pcs)


Colourful and safe magnetic construction toys for young children!

Attract some fun times with this SmartMax Start set. It features colourful oversize bars and metal balls for a super fun introduction to STEM concepts for young kids. All pieces are magnetic and they simply click together in every possible combinations. Kids will be enthralled by the tactile process of clicking the bars and balls together, while exercising their creativity in building extraordinary structures!

SmartMax magnets can carry up to 60x of their own weight - limitless engineering possibilities! All of SmartMax series are compatible with each other and can be combined to create a multiverse of different play sets!


SmartMax® stimulates:

 Hand-eye Coordination

 Logical Thinking

 Colour Recognition

 Form Recognition in 2D & 3D

 Collaborative Play




Maximum Fun With Magnets: 

North - South

Magnets have a magnetic north and south pole. The cold colors (green, blue, purple and white) have their north poles directed outwards. The warm colors (red, orange, yellow and pink) have their south poles directed outwards.

Attract - Repel

Unlike poles attract, like poles repel. All bars with a cold color can be connected to all bars with a warm color. All other combinations repel.


SmartMax balls are attracted by all bars, regardless of their color. More than 20 bars can be connected to one ball.

Different Strengths

The magnets of the long bars are stronger than those of the short bars. Long bars can lift more weight or make stronger connections.



Don't worry about your toddler chewing or swallowing a SmartMax part. All our parts are bigger than 3cm and thereby don't fit a child's throat.

SmartMax is made from high quality materials, which make the parts really strong.

SmartMax parts are glued together and ultrasonically welded for final assembly. This makes it impossible for toddlers to tear them apart.


Recommended Age

Ages 1 and up

Customer Reviews

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great kickstarter kit for toddlers

this kit is great as starter kit for lil toddlers who are still figuring out how to use their hands & are not very good with moderating their strength
its fun for cause & effect play with the magnetic poles and not having to fix them in necessarily with both hands like lego blocks
this will build them up for other types like Connectix magnet tiles that will require more control, precision and coordination
will be good to have the huge box set sold as well!