Our Story

Theplayroomsg (TPR) is inspired by our own playroom at home. We select toys that provide your little ones the opportunity for hands-on learning and open-ended play. At Theplayroomsg, all the research has been done for you. Our team works hard to pick toys that are highly educational. Our toys are hand picked to:

  1. Develop your little one’s dexterity
  2. Encourage imagination
  3. Encourage parent-child interaction
  4. Enhance reasoning and problem-solving skills.

We also work to ensure the quality of our toys – safety and durability.

As mentioned by Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” We hope that by bringing in toys that encourage open-ended play, we can help develop your child’s intelligence, creativity, curiosity, social, emotional and physical health.

Through playing, solving puzzles and with the help of picture books, children can relate easier to the world around them and even cope with difficult situations or spur them on to learn about the bigger environment.

Here, Theplayroomsg will help you find long lasting toys to add to your playroom. We believe that every child should have quality and affordable toys and books to enrich their early learning years and more. The team at Theplayroomsg is cautious about quality because we are parents too.


About the owner:

Hello, my name is Hsiao Wei. I am a mother of 2 girls and a strong believer in play based learning. As a young mom, I always wonder how I can maximise the potential of toys. Like many of you parents, I always want the best for my little ones.

With that, I started Theplayroomsg based on my desire for every child to have a great childhood with amazing learning opportunities that encourages their imagination, interaction and problem-solving skills.

Join me and my team in this journey – your key to a great childhood. <3