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Alphabet Extravaganza

The book is good quality. Hopefully will engage my child in learning her ABCs. The magnets are lovely! Good quality! The words on it are less common and slightly more complex which I like as it will help expand her vocabulary. :)

Bedtime Stories Illuminated

This adds a fun element to bedtime stories. The kids also like trying to figure out what is happening based on the picture and sometimes end up creating their own stories.

Truckloads of Fun

My 3yo has had a lot of fun with this puzzle. He enjoys trying to figure it out and then when he is stumped, trying to see how the pieces translate from paper to model is still a good challenge.

Great packaging and items.

Loving how the items were wrapped and delivered. All in good condition. Can’t wait to let my lo try out the puzzle.

love it. my girl enjoyed it alot! will definitely buy other series to play with her.

Lovely product and good quality

Bought the toys for my niece, she loves them so much! Fast delivery and good customer service as well.

Noah’s Ark

Trains my 3 year old problem solving skills.

Bunny Boo

Trains the little one’s analystical skills.

My First Tool Bench

Good for training motor skills.

Super fun brain-teasing game

This puzzle game is super fun for the whole family. Although playable by one person, it also allows for collaborative play as the kid(s) can attempt the different levels together.

Cute and well made

Bought this as a gift for my friend's baby boy and it was a hit! Item is cute and well-made, perfect for little hands.

Endlessly re-playable

My child has had this set for several months now and is still having so much fun with it! It encourages and facilitates free play, and the pieces are well made and hardy.

simple functional product

non dusty feature is great for OCD moms like me but non toxic feature is even better when choosing safe products for your child!

good quality gift

awesome ball run set as a gift to a friend with kids of slightly different ages
good quality product

great kickstarter kit for toddlers

this kit is great as starter kit for lil toddlers who are still figuring out how to use their hands & are not very good with moderating their strength
its fun for cause & effect play with the magnetic poles and not having to fix them in necessarily with both hands like lego blocks
this will build them up for other types like Connectix magnet tiles that will require more control, precision and coordination
will be good to have the huge box set sold as well!

Secret Puzzle Ocean

my kids love underwater creatures. this puzzle is perfect to keep them occupied and they are fascinated with the perspective glasses and hidden visuals too.

Perfect for kids of all ages

My kids of different ages loved this as there are different levels of difficulties to choose from. perfect to keep them occupied for quite some time.

It was a bit difficult to get the tattoo out nicely but it's great for playing dressing up and for special occasions!

Fast delivery and good quality! My child enjoys playing with this a lot and it's a good opportunity to expose him to the rest of the world now that we can't travel!

Mosaic Geometric Pattern

Decided to get this for my girl’s Xmas gift as she recently loves to play puzzle and this will definitely bring her creativity up!


Love this game! Me and my children have lots of fun playing together! Nice game for bonding time!

Perfect toy for 4-7yo!

Gifted this to a 5yo and she loves it so much! The quality of the product is really good. Prompt delivery too!

Amazing toy for 1yo!

Love how great the quality of this product! It looks as amazing as what’s shown in the pictures. 🤩

Three Little Pigs

Super cute! Quality pieces. Even the cousins love it! Pieces big enough for small hands and yet not too bulky to be stored away.

Brain Cheeser

Easy to bring around, just need to make sure you don't lose any of the pieces as the mice are a bit small. Magnetic board and travel friendly. Helps stimulate the brain even for adults!