16 in 1 Classic Games


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With 16 traditional as well as newly designed board games included, this set is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. Start teaching your child observation and thinking skills during your family bonding time! Train your little one to think in a fun and engaging manner.

Board games can be a great platform to teach your child life lessons in a casual and fun manner. They don't just keep your child entertained, they also subtly introduce many important life skills such as problem-solving, strategic thinking and adaptability.


     Pairs well with IQ Fit as a gift for budding minds! 

     Don't miss Frank's Fish Shop An engaging board game exploring numeracy, colour, shapes and concept of money for younger kids!


Recommended Age

Suitable for 5yrs and above

Customer Reviews

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16 in 1 classic games

Super fast delivery! Very good quality! Its a great game and every family should have at least 1 set at home. Simple board games for bonding sessions with both children and grandparents.

A box with surprises!

The box is compact and quality of the boards, playing pieces and dices are of very good quality! Very convenient to bring around and great bonding over the games! An improved version of the old school games we played when we were young and a very nice way to introduce these games to my kid!

Alicia Chua
Great service and product

Firstly, enjoyed the deal with seller as she did make effort to update me when stock is in so I can make my purchase and I was really grateful and looking forward to receive the item to keep my children happy and fun during the Circuit Breaker stay home period.
Next, we all enjoyed this product as it is of great quality. There are many games which the children can choose to play and it comes with instructions for us to follow if needed.
Lastly, this is definitely a great product as I also brought it along for our staycation! A great product which is useful at home as well as when out!