Animal Mosaic


Put on your little Picasso hat and embark on a 3D sensory art experience! Specially designed in combination with the dot art of Yayoi Kusama, the plane space contrast and exquisite design elements are sure to benefit children's creative enlightenment.

With over a 1000 foam stickers, children can be engaged in some simple creative fun. For beginners, simply follow the number codes given and paste the corresponding 3D foam stickers onto the art piece. When they are more confident, feel free to explore personalised combinations and unleash their full creativity.

The foam stickers are made from EVA, are soft to touch and with water-based adhesives, allowing for strong and long-lasting pasting. 

This set comes with eight (8) vividly illustrated glossy cardboard animals and two (2) 3D support frames. Once the art piece is completed, simply display it in your own playroom at home as a token of your child's creation.

     Pairs well with Shapes Stickers as a gift for sticker lovers! 

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Recommended Age

Suitable for 3yrs and above