Blackboard Wall Stickers

Inspire art creation, doodle to your heart's content and even practice penmanship.
There is just something about chalkboards that intrigues the inner artists in us don't you think?
Stick this onto the wall and transform your home into a den of imagination and creation.

The wall stickers are beautiful to look at and are magnetic - perfect for displaying your little artist's work or some magnetic fun!

Every purchase comes with a set of matching NON-TOXIC and DUST-FREE chalks!

     Pairs well with Magnetic Letters as a gift for budding learners! 

     Add on Water Based Chalks - Dust-free chalks to keep the creative juices flowing without making a mess!


Recommended Age
Suitable for 3yrs and above

Customer Reviews

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Tricia Wong
Chalk board

At first I was worry that the chalk will cause a mess, but it turn out that the chalk is powder free.. and is easy to wipe off after drawing.. the back sticker can hold the board well too!