Fluorescent Wall Stickers


Having a hard time getting your little ones to sleep? Are they afraid of the dark?

Decorate your room walls and ceiling with these glow-in-the-dark stickers and be surrounded by an enchanted world! You can even use these stickers for an immersive bedtime story experience! 

Two themes to choose from:

- Ocean (81 stickers): Delve deep into the choppy waves and discover hidden gems of the sea. Swim with the fishes and touch the seaweed while you're at it!

- Space (86 stickers): Blast off into space and observe the vast universe filled with stars and planets. Spot the spaceship lurking in the corner and hop on it to bring you back home!

These stickers are applicable on all smooth surfaces - walls, wood, glass, plastic, metal etc. Avoid walls with peeling paint and uneven wallpapers.


     Pairs well with Reusable Stickers as a gift for sticker lovers! 

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Recommended Age

Suitable for 3yrs and above