Mystical Forest


 What are the hidden gems that can be found in the forest?

Bring along your little adventurer on an exploration to learn about the wonders of the great forests! Use this opportunity to teach them about the flora and fauna and the roles they play, as well as our responsibility towards the environment such that these intricate creatures can be preserved for generations to come.

Lift the flaps of the book to find engaging details of the inner workings of the forests. Reinstate your child's learning with hands-on sensory play - the Secret Puzzle contains hidden visuals that only appears when the perspective glasses are worn. Intrigue the inner detective of your child by spotting all the hidden visuals in the puzzle.

This bundle consists of:

This bundle is commonly purchased together with Mystical Ocean!

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Recommended Age

Suitable for 2yo and above


Important Note: Parental/Caregiver supervision is advised at all times.