My Safari Adventure


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Take your little national geographer on a journey through the world of amazing animals in this fantastic book and puzzle set! With 4 boxes of Animal-themed puzzles, each box with an increasing difficulty level, there is so much that you and your child can do together while building! Indulge in meaningful long conversations with your animal lover child and take a walk down memory lane if you like, about your visits to the zoo (locally or abroad!).

Together with a book bursting with flaps and fabulous facts, an illustrated scene to introduce each animal in the Ocean, the Outback and the Savanna, a wheel for little fingers to turn, and a giant foldout at the end, learning has never been so much fun (even for the adults!)!

Do take note that the puzzle comes in 4 progressive sets - 12 pcs (Farm theme), 16 pcs (Arctic theme), 24 pcs (Jungle theme) and 35 pcs (Savanna theme). Good to build little one's confidence and progress to harder puzzles when they are ready. 

This bundle includes:

     Pairs well with My First Safari Animals as a gift for animal lovers! 

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Recommended Age

Suitable for 2yrs to 5yrs

Parental/Caregiver supervision advised at all times

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Great packaging and items.
Nice and cute item