Search and Find It All!


I spy... with my little eyes!

Get your aspiring sleuths on a detective hunt!

Magnifying glass at the ready and start spotting objects in the different scenes depicted in both the book and puzzle!

Learn to recognise and identify common objects found in space, at an airport, a construction site, a train station, a farm, a barnyard and many more!

Curated for curious, active little children who love to be challenged, the Search and Find It All! is a high mileage bundle because not only there are so many things to look out for, the bustling scenes can also be used for storytelling sessions. You'd be amaze at what the imaginative little minds can create!

This bundle consists of: 


     Pairs well with Mystical Forest as a gift for keen observers! 

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Recommended Age

Suitable for 3yrs and above

Parental/Caregiver supervision advised at all times

Customer Reviews

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Jie Ying
Truly the busiest book&puzzle

Fun & interactive. We enjoyed both puzzle & book, such an adorable magnifying glass! So many things to search for, didn’t realise we were at it for an hour. Quality of the puzzle is good too! I highly recommend this bundle.