Science Explorer Kits


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School's Out? Don't fret! We are bringing the science laboratory to you!

Ignite the curiosity and engage your little scientists in some mind-boggling STEAM experiments. These specially curated science explorer kits are sure to create many insightful conversations and fun memories in your own playroom at home!

There are 4 themes to choose from:

Fantasy Ocean

Does your national geographer-to-be enjoys the open seas? Ever wonder what delves beneath the waves and on the seabeds? Create your very own mini ocean right at home - complete with a handmade coral bed. Decorate the tank with stickers to create a more vibrant marine environment! Add in some sea creature figurines and transform it into a special sensory play session!

This set includes: Water tank x1, Backdrop x1, Stickers x1, Growing solution x2, Stick x2, Crystal block x4

Soap Land

Making your own soap has never been easier! Get crafty with your little perfume chemist and whip up your very own special soap concoction. Take the opportunity to teach them about how soaps work, and how important it is to maintain personal hygiene.

This set includes: Soap base x5, Measuring cup x1, Sea creature molds x4, Colouring x2, Lemon fragrance x1, Rope x1, Bag x1, Stick x1, Silk ribbon x1


Mining Heroes

Chip away the rocks to unearth rare gemstones. Take the opportunity to teach them about the natural formation of gemstones and the techniques behind excavation. Experience first-hand the excitement of finding one treasure after another!

The set includes: Brick (with 7 buried Gemstones) x1, Hammer x1, Chisel x2, Brush x1, Magnifying glass x1, Pouch x1


Crystal Growing

Teach your little scientists or geologists the beauty and complexity of crystal growth with stunning results. Set up a crystal growing corner in the comforts of your home and get them to observe and record the growth process in their very own "science journal". 

This set includes: Crystal powder x3, Crystal seed x3, Bowl x1, Measuring cup x1, Tray pedestal x1, Stick x3, Magnifying glass x1


     Pairs well with Mystical Ocean as a gift for ocean lovers, with GoldMine for rare gem lovers!

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Recommended Age

Suitable for 6yrs and above


Important Note: Parental/Caregiver supervision is advised at all times. Read the instructions before use and do not allow the chemicals to be ingested. If chemicals, crystals or solutions come into contact with your skin, wash it with plenty of water.