Wanderlust World Bundle - Ticket Around the World


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Ignite the wanderer in your little ones with this specially curated book + puzzle set.

This set is your ticket around our world - double the fun double the adventure! Learn about the continents, oceans and countries as well as the different landmarks, cultures, and people all around the world!

The vivid illustrations is definitely an attention catcher that would entice your little one to explore the bigger world around them. Use this opportunity to teach them about acceptance and respect towards other cultures, as well as our responsibility towards the environment such that these intricate landmarks and cultures can be preserved for generations to come.

This bundle consists of:

  • A Ticket Around The World picture book (from Owl Readers Club. Check it out HERE)
  • Our World Floor Puzzle (buy this individually HERE)

Limited sets available.


Recommended Age

Suitable for 3yrs and above